2 Sweet weeks with Dolce Von…

He’s been part of the family for only 2 weeks…but fits right in like he’s always been here.

Everyone just loves him and is constantly holding him and stopping by to see him; whats not to love about a new puppy? !

Dolce Von is 10 weeks old. Its pretty safe to say he’s being well taken care of  and keeping us all busy :) Eat, sleep, play..Do it again everyday.



OMG that belly…


This is Savannah. She’s queen of Dover Street. She’s not too happy about him because all he wants to do is play with her.

And for the record, Jax was the only dog she liked and didn’t attack. Dolce has been put in his place a couple times so far.

One day she’ll like him..she’s playing hard to get :)


Roman calls this “The Mother Ball” hahahaha he barks and chases it and grabs it with his killer teeth and rolls with the ball while it keeps going.


He seems to like my closet. I swear it wasn’t like this before he entered LOL!


I’ll just take a little bite of this…


He loves Zia Elisa


There’s that damn ball again!

186518752791WOOF! Pounce/Sneak attack I couldn’t lift my camera fast enough LOL



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